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Webshop - Terms of payment

Payment on the website can be done in the following ways:

1.Payment/ preliminary invoice – simply using online banking directly from your home, as well as with a
transfer order or a general payment slip based on a preliminary invoice with a 3-day option. Payment
Meblo trade d.o.o., Remetinečka 137, 10 000 Zagreb
Purpose: Payment by preliminary invoice
IBAN: HR9323600001101217095 at Zagrebačka banka d.d.
Call number: 595-number of preliminary invoice
Amount: “the amount of the preliminary invoice”

2. One-time credit card payment: American Express, MasterCard, Visa and Diners

3.One-time debit card payment: MAESTRO (all banks)

4.Up to 12 installments with 0% interest using credit cards | American Express, Diners | - | MasterCard
or VISA (ZABA) | - | VISA Inspire or Maestro (PBZ) |.

After you start to enter the number of your American express, Diners, MasterCard ZABA (go! Card, MC
Gold, MC Standard, MC Platinum), VISA ZABA (Visa Avenue Mall), VISA Inspire PBZ or Maestro
PBZ card, there will be a a field available (below the expiry date) with a drop down menu and the
possibility of choosing from 2 to 12 installments. The 12 installment payment condition is the minimum
order of 500,00kn.

5.Using PayPal – payment using the PayPal service   

6.Cash on delivery – the order amount is payed personally on hand to the delivery service. In the case of
COD payment the total amount of the invoice (with the included delivery cost) is increased by 15,00kn,
the amount needed for the security of cash in transport. COD payment is possible exclusively for items
that do not require pre-ordering.