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Office furniture

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We offer functional solutions for an efficient office. Simple and dynamic lines, quality and design at affordable prices. Between the Quadrifoglio and Sphera collections you will surely find something that suits your office space.

The Quadrifoglio office furniture program offers a wide range of options for upgrading business interiors: from classical workplaces, to luxury offices, and to more demanding design and materials. Reception programs, simple and complex, enabling multiple reception spaces, rounded, aesthetically and functionally superbly designed.
The system also includes lines of supporting equipment: cabinets, libraries, ladders, file holders and table accessories. Work desks can be equipped with installation ducts, panel work bulkheads, console shelves … The program is divided into several groups, depending on the type of jobs, materials and design. All the elements are modular and allow maximum freedom to create a quality and functional working environment.

Quality-designed X8, X7, Z2, X2 and X4 offer a modern solution for individual and large work spaces. The partition system for separating workstations in more than 20 colors and finishes as well as a wide range of furniture finishes allow the maximum individualization of space.

The program range: Mega, Model Idea + and X Time Work offers a range of products with metal or wooden structures, exceptionally ergonomically designed tables with possible modular arrangement and 7 colors available for surface treatment. The system of partition panels, flat and rounded reception elements allows the creation of individual reception work places which can be combined (using connecting elements) inside the space to create a different arrangement. A large number of conference tables (both individual and modular) are included in this program, as well as the accompanying items: ladders, cabinets, high and low storage, libraries (which can also serve as a partitioning panel with two faces)

X.Time Manager and Zeta.X collections with luxurious finishes in a variety of wood or hardened glass, massive top-of-the-mill detailing will give a special significance to the interior. Special attention is devoted to the design of workplaces in terms of ergonomics and aesthetics. The program is accompanied by conference and meeting tables, cabinets and libraries in the same finishes.

The OFFISIT office desk system with over 50 models in the palette, from the standard models of office desks all the way to top-of-the-range models with rich accessories. Most of the models are designed in such a way that the basic model of the work desk is accompanied by an identical office chair with different types of chair legs. The offer also includes other types of office seating, small double seats, modular armchairs and half-chairs, folding chairs for waiting areas.. Fabrics are available in several categories (martindales 55,000 – 100,000), dozens of colors and in high quality.

Sphera’s office furniture program from a domestic brand, top-designed in terms of aesthetics, functionality and the quality of applied materials and fittings. Besides the standard offer, it’s also available to have tailor-made furniture.

Work desks are available in two versions:
  • With metal construction (table legs) and work surface of choice
  • With wooden sub-construction with metal horizontal fixators and work surfaces of choice.
Tables are offered in standard sizes, but it’s also possible to customize them in a wide range of colors and finishes. The cabinets and shelves program is very creatively and functionally designed. The wide color palette offers customization in terms of individualization and the use of your own company’s colors (the same applies to work desks).

Cabinet on wheels has the top surface as a functional accessory made from lacquered MDF that serves to store tiny office utensils and is also a decorative element. Apart from the classical leg construction, desks can also rely partly on creatively and functionally shaped cabinets underneath them that serve both as a handy archive and as extended work surfaces. This program also offers the creation of reception furniture, creating serial, modular or workstations with partitions. Great flexibility in dimensions, color and design, favorable prices and optimal delivery times are the main advantages of this collection. We also offer consulting services in shaping a workspace using the items from the offer.