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The bedroom is the place where we start and end most of our days. That is exactly why your bedroom should be both beautifully and functionally decorated with quality furnishings. In the wide range of Meblo Trade bedrooms you will surely find something to your liking.

A bedroom is much more than just a place to sleep. It's a sanctuary, a place to forget all your daily struggles regain your peace. To make your bedroom a temple to which you will be happy to return every night, to decorate it, use colors and textures that calm you down. Find bedding, blankets and soft pillows that are easy on the eyes but also comfortable. Add a bouquet of fragrant flowers to soothe your senses. Choose curtains that will let trough enough light during the day, surround yourself with family photos and favorite items. The right combination of simple elements will turn an ordinary bedroom into a personal shelter.

When planning the bedroom layout, you first must position the bed. Ideally you should place the headboard against the wall and leave 60cm clearance on each side of the bed for ease of access (30 cm is the minimum distance). The storage space is the next thing to consider. Tidy storage space in the bedroom is a priority which can be achieved by using closets, cabinets, wardrobes or using the space under the bed itself. Most of the cabinets are 51-56 cm wide and you have to leave 107-120cm to open the door and drawer (76 cm is the minimum space in small rooms). Cabinets designed to store clothes vary in width, but require the same distance from the front. Cabinets of all sizes can be fitted with carriers and shelves tailored to make use of every available inch. And nightstands are needed. You should have enough space for magazines, books and lamps that will allow you to have an ambient light and a reading light, an alarm clock, water, and other things you love to have at your fingertips.

For some people, the bedroom is meant for rest only, while others see it as a multipurpose room. Regardless of your vision of the bedroom, one thing is certain – one third of your life is spent in bed. So don't hesitate to invest in quality and comfort.