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Delivery and assebmly

Our delivery system is complete and complex, so the delivery ways may very depending on the ordered products.

Delivery can be made in one of the following methods:

1. PARCEL DELIVERY - parcel delivery is made in cooperation with top quality delivery services. In case of a packet with small dimensions delivery is made directly to the door. If the package is bigger (big mattresses, big bed slats, etc.) you will need to organize the carrying from the van to your house (only one delivery person is present on the delivery). The delivery is payed in the purchase process togeather with the products. The price depends on the number of the ordered products and the delivery address (mainland/island). Parcel delivery is done on the whole territory of the Republic of Croatia, with execlusion of smaller islands.

Price list for parcel delivery:

Packet delivery for decorations and accessories (curtains, covers/blankets, pillows, anatomic pillows, vases, taburee-s, wallpapers, decorative stickers, fragrances...):
Quantity / piece Price for mainland (kn) Price for islands (kn)
1-3 35,00 50,75
3-6 45,00 65,25
7 or more 100,00 145,00

Parcel delivery for other products:
Smaller mattresses (up to 120 cm in width) - 100,00 kn/piece, for islands 145,00 kn/piece
Bigger mattresses (140 cm or more in width) - 150,00 kn/piece, for islands 217,50 kn/piece
Top mattresses - 40,00 kn/piece, for islands 58,00 kn/piece
Bed slats - 50,00 kn/piece, for islands 72,50 kn
Protective mattress covers - 35,00 kn up to 3 pcs., for islands 50,75 kn, 3-6 pcs. 45,00 kn, for islands 65,25 kn, 7 or more 100,00 kn, for islands 145,00 kn
Chairs - 50,00 kn/package, for islands 72,50 kn/package (usually 2 chairs per package)
Carpets - 40,00 kn/piece, for islands 58,00 kn/piece.
Decorative moldings - 100,00 kn for any quantity, for islands 145,00 kn
Hangers - 50,00 kn/piece, for islands 72,50 kn/piece

2. MEBLO TRADE DELIVERY - Meblo Trade can deliver products in cities and surroundings from our stores in Zagreb, Rijeka, Split, Pula, Zadar, Dubrovnik. If You are not sure that You fit in this zone of delivery, or You are situated on the island You can check the availability of this delivery type with our representatives on e-mail:, or by phone: +385 98 301 636. Meblo Trade delivery has always the same price, not depending on the quantity of the products. If Your bill exceeds the price od 2.500,00 kn, Meblo Trade delivery in the 1st zone of delivery is free of charge.

3. DELIVERY UPON AGREEMENT - If You are not in the cities or surroundings where we have our Meblo Trade delivery and parcel delivery doesn't suite You/isn't available, You can contact us on e-mail: or by phone +385 98 301 636. We will try to find the quickest and cheapest way for shipping if it is possible with our outside partners.

4. DELIVERY TO THE NEAREST STORE OR WAREHOUSE - if you live, work or you are simply passing through the city where we have our Meblo Trade store or warehouse, there is no need to pay extra for the delivery. During the payment proccess just select delivery to the nearest Meblo Trade store or warehouse. In the remark in the last step of the order process you can write down in which Meblo Trade store or warehouse you will pickup the products. We will contact You as soon as the products come to the selected destination. Meblo Trade stores and warehouses can be found on this locations.

Important! Presented delivery typesand prices are applied only for Meblo Trade Web shop purchases. Delivery types and prices in our Meblo Trade stores don't have to be exactly the same as stated above. Delivery for tiles can be charged differently.