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Kitchens Sphera

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The choice of products in relation to functional and spatial requirements and the possibility of personalization are key moments in choosing the perfect kitchen. Guided by these principles, Sphera puts the emphasis on quality and design, and a wide choice of materials and colors. Always one step ahead in tracking new technologies and the treatment of materials, Sphera offers a unique blend of modern design and quality. With clean lines, minimalist design and innovative solutions; Sphera kitchens respond to the demands of the modern style of living, leaving room for original ideas for creating a home in your own style.

"Efecta" SpheraKuhinja Efecta
With a modern design inspired by clean lines and high functionality, Efecta represents a culture of good living. The specific identity is attained by the stainless steel handles that stretch in the full length of drawers and cabinets. By carefully choosing kitchen items it's possible to achieve a more traditional yet fully modern kitchen, easily adaptable to every space. With the possibility of combining materials and colors, Efecta combines the three esential values – quality, functionality and design – in the best possible way.

"Meandra" SpheraKuhinja Meandra
Meandra is a designer oriented and high functional kitchen. By using new technologies, an innovative and extremely functional opening system has been created. Instead of the classic handles, full width and height slots are cut into two sides of each drawer and cabinet which allows them to be opened from more than one place. In addition to the functional advantages, slots leave the impression of a playful form and give a specific visual identity. Combining open and closed elements, the kitchen can be personalized by selecting visible and hidden personal items. Wide choice of colors and materials is also one of the advantages of this kitchen.

"Etia" SpheraKuhinja Etia
Etia is a kitchen of a specific, original design that opens up numerous personalization options. The contour profile of the kitchen elements give an elegant shape and makes it simple to use. As one of the many options the kitchen floor can be made of polished stainless steel which creates the mirror effect and the impression that the kitchen is floating in the air. The multi-purpose desk for preparing or consuming food comes in several options, depending on the client's taste and needs. The kitchen also offers a variety of floor planning compositions that adjust to any space regardless of its size and complexity.

"Linea" SpheraKuhinja Linea
Elegant, minimalist design complemented by sophisticated lines is the main feature of Linea. Elevated element with the function of an additional work surface or a dining table meets the requirements of modern living. Instead of handles, we come across an innovative aluminum profile in the full length of the drawer or cabinet, that greatly facilitates the use and raises the kitchen's functionality to a new level. Open elements in a contrasting color made for item placement, complement the refinement of the kitchen. Wide choice of colors and materials satisfy customers tastes and needs in creating an original and personal style.

"Litia" SpheraKuhinja Litia
With its elegant shape, Litia leaves a minimalist spatial impression. The main feature of this kitchen is manifested in the installation of an extremely functional handle in the form of a profile, embedded in the full width of the front drawer or cabinet. The handles are available in two variants of anodized aluminum, while the entire kitchen can be decorated with a wide choice of materials, colors and finishes. The open shelf which provides a place to put decorative of functional items is located below the upper cabinets with the possibility of choosing between multiple dimensions. The kitchen delivers the simplicity of clean lines that easily adapts to any modern, but also traditional space.

"Slota" SpheraKuhinja Slota
This kitchen delivers the functionality and playful design with ease of adjustment to any space. Innovation is the opening system, instead of handles, we encounter vertical and horizontal slots embedded into the fronts of drawers and cabinets. As well as making it easier to open, slots create an interesting visual game that creates this kitchen's unique identity. With the combination of closed and open elements, the possibility of creating the perfect blend of traditional and modern kitchen design opens up.

"Plaina" SpheraKuhinja Plaina
With its minimalist design this kitchen fits perfectly into the modern way of living. Simple, practical and comfortable. By using new technologies “hidden handles” have been created, in the shapes of horizontal slots in the full width of drawers and cabinets, which not only make them easier to open but also emphasize the refinement and purity of design. High-end technology and contemporary design are blended in the best possible way, leaving room for the ability to adapt to different spaces.

"Grida" SpheraKuhinja Grida
As the main feature of this kitchen, modularity allows different combinations of personalization. The traditional open shelf concept is integrated in a modern form, allowing the design purity to be emphasized. Shelves can be tailored to customers demand, so that the items that we use to cook with every day will be within reach. With the different choices of colors and materials, this kitchen offers unique personalization. Though it boasts a minimalist, fashionable design – Grida adds warmth to your home with its traditional elements.

"Neata" SpheraKuhinja Neata
Neata brings essential, and at the same time, original style and functionality. Its main feature is the wide slots embedded into the fronts of drawers which enables the ease of opening. Full matte or glossy fronts in combination with the shape of the slots make this kitchen attractive to the clients who nurture both a contemporary and traditional style. Combining colors and materials this kitchen is easily adaptable to clients demands.