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Artificial lighting prolongs the day, takes care of eyesight and affects the mood. Considering that only one source of illumination is not enough, plan ahead to combine different light sources.

Experience of the living space – is it calming, romantic, welcoming or cold – is highly affected by the lighting. There are three different kinds of lighting to distinguish – ambient lights, work lights and decorative lights. Ambient lighting is a natural lighting during the daytime, which is usually replaced by a central ceiling illumination, a lamp or a collection of lights that light up the whole room equally. A work light is used when there is a need for a specific lighting while doing different activities. Decorative lighting is the gem of every space – for example, candles and reflector lights that make the room sparkle. Every space needs to have appropriate lighting. Reading lights with a non see-trough shade create a very bright light that hits the surface and attracts attention to what is right under it, so it can also be used both as a work light and as a decorative light. Built in ceiling lights can have regular or reflective light bulbs that will draw attention to any highlighted detail in the room – an artwork or a bookshelf. A small hanging light can be used as an ambient light and as a central focal point. The best effect will be achieved by combining functionality and style.

Meblo trade offers a wide variety of lamps for different purposes. We are sure that in our offer you will find something to suit your needs. For any additional inquiries you can call us at +38598/301-636 or send an e-mail to


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