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Meblo Trade delivery

 Meblo trade delivery is done in cities and surroundings of our showrooms – Zagreb, Rijeka, Split, Pula, Zadar and Dubrovnik. If you require island delivery or you are unsure if you are included in our delivery zones- for the possibility and prices of delivery contact us at or at 00385 98 301 636.
  • if the value of the goods < 5.000kn = 100kn
  • if the value of the goods > 5.000kn = the delivery is free in the 1st zone
  • for calculations of delivery distance we use the Google maps website, starting from the showroom addressing
  • transport outside of the 1st zone is calculated as the distance from the warehouse to the destination address, 6kn per km
  • delivery to places which requires the use of additional services (ferry boat, tunnels, bridges, tolls) are charged additionally depending on the price of the service required
  • furniture delivery to ground floors is free of charge, if the unobstructed access to the entrance is available to the delivery truck. Delivery to every floor above the ground floor is surcharged 30kn/floor
  • if there is an appropriate and functional elevator available the delivery then there is no additional surcharge
  • the delivery is surcharged on the delivery spot in case of special conditions:
    • if there is an increased possibility of furniture damage on entry
    • if parking is not available close to the entrance
    • if there is a need to enter the furniture over a balcony or a window
    • if there is a need to move already set furniture
Note: The above shipping conditions do not apply to ceramic tiles and outlet items. Ceramic tiles are NOT delivered, but it is only possible to pick them up in our warehouse.


  1. zone - 0 to 30 km
  2. zone - above 30 km
  1. zone - 0 to 25 km
  2. zone - above 25 km
  1. zone - 0 to 20 km
  2. zone - above 20 km
  1. zone - 0 to 20 km
  2. zone - above 20 km
  1. zone - 0 to 15 km
  2. zone - above 15 km
  1. zone - 0 to 20 km
  2. zone - above 20 km


  • the delivery worker has the right to decline importing the goods if they estimate that there is a significant possibility of damage or that the entry is not possible. In those situations entry is only possible on request and responsibility of the customer
  • the space where the furniture is being assembled needs to be empty and adapted in the sense that the assembly can be done unobstructed
  • if the assembly cannot be done because of an inadequately prepared space, the assemblers repeated visit is surcharged 100kn
  • disassembly and moving of furniture, inside the space where the assembly is being done is surcharged additionally 200kn or as agreed
  • moving or removal of old furniture outside of the assembly space is an additional service which is direct agreement between the customer and the assembler
  • the prices and assembly conditions are applied to the value of the goods being assembled, independent of the total billing amount