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Parcel delivery

Packet delivery is done in cooperation with the top quality delivery services. If the ordered packet is of smaller dimensions the delivery will be made directly to your doorstep, and for bigger packages it’s necessary to be able to bring the package inside on your own. The delivery is paid at the moment of purchase and included in the total amount. The price depends on the number of products ordered and the delivery address (land/island). The delivery is done on the state area, except for smaller islands. The products are delivered 1 to 2 working days from the day when our sales assistants receive the notice that your product is ready for delivery (except for islands, where the delivery is done 7 to 10 days after that).

For any inquiries and questions about calculating the delivery price you can reach us at or 00385 98 301 636.

For products exclusively from our healthy sleeping offer packet delivery is free of charge with amounts larger than 5.000,00kn, only for web shop purchases. (For island delivery the surcharge is 30kn/packet)

Packet delivery price list:

Packet delivery for accessories and decorations (curtains, covers, pillows, anatomic pillows, vases, ottomans, wallpapers..)

Quantity/pieces      Price for land (kn)    Price for island (kn)
        1-3                         35,00                         50,75
        4-6                         70,00                        101,50
     7 ili više                  105,00                       152,25

Packet delivery for the rest of the products:
Mattresses for single beds (width 120 or less) – 120,00 kn/pc, for islands 174,00 kn/pc
Mattresses for double beds (width 140 or more) – 200,00 kn/pc, for islands 290,00 kn/pc
Rolled mattresses – 80,00kn/pc, for islands 116,00 kn
Children’s mattresses - 100,00 kn/pc, for islands 145,00 kn/pc
Top mattresses - 65,00 kn/pc, for islands 94,25 kn/pc
Slated bed bases single (width 120 or less) - 70,00 kn/pc, for islands 101,50 kn/pc
Slated bed bases double (width 140 or more) - 140,00 kn/pc, for islands 203,00 kn/pc
Protective covers - 35,00 kn up to 3 pcs, for islands 50,75 kn, 4-6 pcs 70,00 kn, for islands 101,50 kn, 7 or more 105,00 kn, for islands 152,25 kn
Chair delivery (depending on weight and size) - 50,00 kn to 100,00 kn/packet, for islands 72,50 kn/packet up to 145,00 kn/packet (usually there are 2 chairs in one packet)
Carpets - 55,00 kn/pc, for islands 79,75 kn/pc.
Decorative mouldings (regardless the number of pieces) - 100,00 kn, for islands 145,00 kn
Clothes hangers - 50,00 kn/pc, for islands 72,50 kn/pc.

Delivery cost for other items is surcharged by weight, and we can calculate the exact delivery cost for you - you can contact us at or at 098/301-636.