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Terms and conditions

General Terms

Dealer is Meblo Trade d.o.o., Remetinečka cesta 137, 10020 Zagreb.  

Buyer can be any adult (18+ years) and bussiness-capable person that accepts our Terms of bussiness which are confirmed with order of the goods. The Terms of bussines are accepted during the ordering proccess in Meblo Trade webshop.

Pictures and descriptions
Pictures and descriptions of the products are gathered from the manufacturers/suppliers or taken online and don't have to be necessarily identical. We reserve the right to make mistakes in the product description and pictures. Prices, Terms of payment and offers are valid only at the time of ordering/payment and can be changed before previous announcement.

Due to the wide range of products offered by Meblo Trade, there are different products with a different warranty period, which can range from a minimum of two, to a maximum of 10 years. The warranty card is an integral part of the warranty terms and is supplied with the product. The buyer is obliged to keep the warranty certificate during the entire warranty period. The receipt and warranty certificate are the only documents that can assure the buyer to enforce his rights.

The shown prices are in kunas with the included discount and VAT. Currency is the Croatian Kuna (HRK). In the event of a change in the amount of the discount, all the goods ordered will be delivered at the prices that were current in the preparation of the invoice. The payment option is 3 days. The regular and promotional prices are valid for purchase via webshop. Showroom conditions apply to the purchase in Meblo Trade showrooms, which are not always identical to those on the webshop.

Meblo Trade reserves the right to change the prices according to order receipt, in case there is an unintentional (technical) error in the system. Should such a situation occur, our web representative will contact you.

Featured products in the Meblo Trade webshop are just part of the Meblo Trade offer - you can find the complete offer in Meblo Trade showrooms.

By entering data during registration on you agree to use the above mentioned information to inform customers of changes and innovations in the business of Meblo Trade d.o.o.
Data protection
By accessing or registering on the website the visitor/customer agrees that the Dealer (Meblo trade d.o.o.) processes his personal information listed in the registration form, as well as the order data, the data available in the payment process and other data . The same information is used for the purpose of signing the contract, for the purpose of introducing the Dealer to the purchasing habits of the buyer, as well as for informational purposes, and for the purposes of promoting the services and merchandise of the Dealer. The Dealer obliges to keep the privacy of the personal data of all visitors / customers and will act with them in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act and other applicable regulations. All of the above mentioned personal data may not be used irregularly by the Dealer or made available to third parties, unless such special law permits it or it is necessary for the purpose of fulfilling the contractual obligations. All Dealer’s Employees as well as Business Partners are responsible for compliance with the Privacy Policy. In the event that the visitor does not want the Trader to process the data in any way, and requires the data to be deleted, he must send it to the Dealer by e-mail to

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What is a cookie?
A cookie is an piece of information stored on your device by the web pages you visit. Cookies usually save your settings for the website, like the preferred language choice or address. Later when you open the same website again, your browser sends back the cookies that belong to that website. This enables the website to show information adjusted to your needs. Cookies can save a wide range of information, including personal identification data (like your name, home address, e-mail address or telephone number). However, this information can be saved only if you allow it – website cannot save any information that you have not provided consent to and they cannot access any other data on your device.
Terms of payment
Payment on the website can be done in the following ways:
1.Payment/ preliminary invoice – simply using e-banking directly from your home, as well as with a transfer order or a general payment slip based on a preliminary invoice with a 3-day option. Payment details:
Meblo trade d.o.o., Remetinečka 137, 10 000 Zagreb
Purpose: Payment by preliminary invoice
IBAN: HR9323600001101217095 at Zagrebačka banka d.d.
Call number: 595-number of preliminary invoice
Amount: “the amount of the preliminary invoice”
2. One-time credit card payment: American Express, MasterCard, Visa and Diners
3.One-time debit card payment: MAESTRO (Zagrebačka banka, PBZ, Erste bank)
Up to 12 installments using credit cards: American Express, Master Card (Go! Card, MC gold, MC standard, MC platinum) or Visa (Visa Avenue Mall) ZABA, and VISA inspire and Maestro PBZ card with the option of choosing between 2 and 12 installments. The condition for 12 installments using American Express credit card is the minimum order amount of 1.000,00kn, and for the payment with Diners, Master Card, Maestro or VISA credit cards – 500,00kn.
Using PayPal – payment using the PayPal service

6.Cash on delivery – the order amount is payed personally on hand to the delivery service. In the case of COD payment the total amount of the invoice (with the included delivery cost) is increased by 15,00kn, the amount needed for the security of cash in transport. COD payment is possible exclusively for items that do not require pre-ordering.

The items are ordered by using the shopping cart on the website, and can be ordered by registered and non registered users. In the event that we are not able to deliver the product because the ordered product is out of stock or is impossible to order, we will notify the customer in writing that the order can either be canceled or the delivery deadline can be moved. In the event where the customer wants to cancel the order, the customer will receive a cash refund (plus the prescribed interest rate) as soon as possible, but not later than 30 days after the delay has occurred. If the customer refuses to receive the correct and undamaged items that was ordered, we keep the right to request from the buyer the reimbursement of all manipulative delivery costs.
Our offer is wholesome and complex and therefore the delivery types vary depending on the delivered products. Packet delivery is being done in cooperation with the top quality delivery services which make “door to door” delivery. The delivery is paid at the time of purchase together with the purchased products. The price depends on the number of ordered items and the place of delivery (land/island). The delivery is done on the whole state area, with some smaller islands excluded.
The price list for packet delivery can be found here.
The delivery of other items (that can’t be delivered by packet delivery) is done by the Meblo trade delivery team. The price is calculated depending on the value of purchased items and the delivery destination. For amounts greater than 2.500,00kn in the first zone (cities and city surroundings (15-25km, depending on the city) of cities Zagreb, Rijeka, Pula, Zadar, Split, Dubrovnik) the delivery is free. For amounts lower than 5.000,00kn, the surcharge for first zone delivery is 50,00kn. For other destinations the delivery is calculated according to the Meblo trade’s current price list. The delivery can be arranged with our administrators who can be reached on the e-mail adress or by calling 098/301-636.
The delivery deadline is from 3 to 10 working days for items in stock (if the stock is not sold out – about which you will be informed in the time of purchase). For the rest of the products that are ordered from the factories the delivery deadline is 20 to 75 days, depending on the type of products and the supplier. The delivery deadline is also listed in the description of every item in our webshop. Island delivery is done once a week. The deadline starts from the moment we receive the payment to our IBAN or when the authorization of a credit card has been approved. Saturdays and Sundays are not included in the delivery deadline.

Packet delivery is done from 8am until 4pm on work days (except in special cases which will be preceded by an announcement).
The products will be packed so that the usual transport manipulation can’t damage them. The customer is obliged to check for any possible damages right upon receiving the products, and in the case of any existent damage, to advertise it to the delivery worker that delivered the product or refuse to take over the shipment with visible external damage. The products are secured for loss and damage in delivery. The customer is obliged to sign a delivery note when picking up the products and the delivery worker is takes it as a takeover certificate. If, after the products have been shipped, the customer does not receive the goods or delivery notice at the expected time, he or she has the right to notify the dealer in order to make a request for the shipment or to send a replacement shipment.
Payment security
Input and transfer of personal data and credit card data is protected by the highest security standards that are provided by Wspay™ system for on-line authorization of credit cards in accordance with the requirements of card brands and the PCI DSS standard. Authorization and credit card payment is done by using the Wspay™ authorization and credit card payment system in real time. That way you are guaranteed 100% secure credit card purchases in the Meblo trade web shop.


Replacement of product/complaints/returns
The customer is entitled to a refund in the following cases:
-if the delivered product is not the ordered product
-if the delivered product has visible damage that is not the result of faulty transport
In accordance with the art.8 st.2 of the Consumer protection law (Nar. Nov. br.79/07.-isp., 79/09. I 89/09.-isp.) we inform the consumers that a complaint to the quality of our services can be submitted in writing to the address: Meblo Trade d.o.o., Remetinečka 137, 10020 Zagreb, or to the e-mail address:, or at tel: +385 1 65 96 400, fax: +385 1 65 96 406. The response to your complaint will be delivered in writing not later than 15 days after the date of receiving your submission.

The customer can get a replacement product for am item bought trough the Meblo trade webshop within 14days from receiving the goods at the delivery address. is obligated to replace the advertised product with the same one or a product with similar characteristics and quality range within 30 days from receiving the complaint (or longer if that was the way it has been arranged). The customer is obliged to send back the advertised product in undamaged original packaging, with all included parts. The product with visible damage, the product which the customer tried to fix or repair, products damaged because of improper use and products without the original packaging are not possible to replace.
The dealer will approve tax return to the customer after the justified advertisment of the product has been received directly in the Meblo trade showroom or via the web reclamation form. In the case of unavailability of the replacement product, the dealer will reimburse to the customer his postal costs for returning the goods and the eventual value of the product that is no longer available for delivery. In the case of product return that was not caused by the dealer’s fault, the customer shall bear all the manipulative costs that have occurred.
Contract cancellation
The customer can cancel the contract for the goods purchased over the Meblo trade webshop without a specific reason within fourteen (14) working days. The cancellation deadline begins from the day when the customer has received the product. The customer must inform the dealer about the contract cancellation in writing by filling out the one-time contract cancellation form and sending it to the e-mail or to the address – Remetinečka 137, Zagreb. The contract will be considered canceled when the dealer receives the written notice. In the case of contract cancellation the customer is obliged to return the goods to the dealer on their own expense within 14 days from the contract cancellation. The returned goods must be complete, inside original and non damaged packaging with all the appropriate undamaged parts, accessories and documentation. The customer cannot use the products within the return deadline if they intend to return it.
The right to terminate a contract is in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act under Article 45, which deals with the right to terminate a contract concluded remotely.
  • Any contract concluded with the means of distance communication to which the rules contained in this chapter of the Consumer Law may apply may, without mentioning that reason, terminate within seven working days
  • In the case of the conclusion of the contract on the sale of the product, the period referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article shall begin to run from the day on which the consumer received the product, assuming that the consumer had previously received the certificate of prior notification referred to in Article 44 of this Act
  • In the case of the conclusion of a service contract, the time period referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article shall begin to run from the day of the conclusion of the contract, ie if the consumer has not received the confirmation of the prior notification from the date of receipt of the prior notification
The dealer is obliged to return the entire amount of the funds paid (plus the statutory interest rates at the commercial bank rate at which the transaction account is held) within 30 days upon receipt of the written notice of termination of the contract.
Denial of contract cancellation
The customer does not have the right to terminate a contract under article 48. of the Consumer protection law if it is one of the following contracts:
  • A contract about selling a product or performing a service whose price is dependent on fluctuations in the financial market
  • A contract about sales of products made on the basis of consumer specifications, products made exclusively for consumers or products that can not, by their nature, be recovered or subject to rapid degradation
  •  A contract about the sale of audio or video, and computer programs that the consumer has unpacked
  • A contract about selling books
Dispute resolution
Any dispute between the trader and the consumer will be resolved by agreement and by peaceful means, otherwise the court in Zagreb is in charge. From February 15, 2016, there is a possibility to resolve online purchase disputes and through the Internet Platform, available to all citizens of the European Union on the following link.
Responsibility for material defects
Responsibility for material defects on the product is stipulated in Articles 400-429 of the Mandatory Relationship Act, NN no. 5 / 05.41 / 08 and 125/11. The minimum statutory guarantee period is 2 years. The Seller is liable for material defects in products in accordance with the Mandatory Obligations Act (Articles 400-422).