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All in one place, a philosophy that has been fueling the Meblo trade team. Because of that, along with the furniture program development, we are constantly investing into the textile and accessories program for interior design.

Interior design is a process in which the quality of the product, together with the quality of counseling determine success. Making customers wishes come true and fulfilling their needs is a mission that our counselors are fulfilling every day by finding optimal solutions for spaces, keeping in mind one goal, which is a harmony of functionality and aesthetics – creating a space that is both useful and easy on the eyes. Every space is a story about people that occupy it, and considering that all of us are different and have different tastes and styles, the Meblo trade team puts great effort into creating a vast offer of products style and material wise.

The wide and full range of products gives the imagination complete freedom for playing with different details. There are many possibilities of different compositions of base materials and decorated materials with various sewing methods.
What deserves special attention is the possibility of synchronizing many details in the same pattern, for example a combination of wallpapers, curtains, pillows and bed covers – all in the same design.